Blue Line (2006)

An interactive realtime 3D audiovisual landscape by Adam Nash, made in 2006, using VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language). VRML has long fallen out of use, so this page is using the X_ITE Javascript library to run it, though note that sound doesn't seem to work properly, I'm in the process of debugging that.

Blue Line examines the nature of realtime 3D space. An eternal blue line expanding infinitely, rotating through all possible dimensions. In realtime 3D space, multiple infinities are possible. As just one example of how realtime 3D space is not representative of realworld physical space, Blue Line questions contemporary tendencies to construct it as so.

In Blue Line, the viewer may freely navigate the space, but it makes no difference to the perception of the work, for the space will have its way with you. The pitch and positioning of the sounds correspond to and reinforce the position and animation of the blue line. As always, simple patterns combine to create complexity.