Love Like Rain

love like rain

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Love Like Rain is the second in Adam Nash's Love Life trilogy of realtime 3D pretty noise toys. Love Like Rain is a touch-based audiovisual ambience generation game. Interact with it by touching, tilting and rotating the device, or do nothing and just let it generate its own play. Babies especially like it to fall asleep to, or adults can use it to generate an endless audiovisual ambience of Love Like Rain.

Of course, it sounds best when you plug your device into your stereo or headphones, but you don't have to.

Darwin said, "the emotion of love... can hardly be said to have any proper or peculiar means of expression," before going on to discuss the crying of tears (like rain). The Song of Songs says that love is "a fountain of gardens, a well of living waters", and Julia Kristeva (for whom love is the only religion that remains) says that "love becomes the troubled water." So, while the first in the Love Life trilogy (a work called One, Another) dealt with Socrates' tough-skinned child of poverty and resourcefulness, dealing in lack, transference and imagination, Love Like Rain gives itself over to a drenching, a downpour and an outpouring.

Design, sound and code by Adam Nash.
Assisted by Cherie Davidson.

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